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Why Choose Us

If you are a commercial organisation based outside Cyprus and you plan to setup operations in Cyprus we can assist you in achieving this by minimising risk and thus increasing success potential. You could think of it as the commercial expertise you will need over and above specialised services like Legal and Accounting/Auditing services. This service could also be suitable for companies that already operate and they either want to grow, buy or sell, or just pure monitoring of the market.

Your local arm of trust for:

Inside local business knowledge
and guidance

Recommendation for options for
advisors in many fields

Operational Supervision of Project

Special Covid-19 Services

If you are a company based outside Cyprus and you cannot or do not want to travel we can provide you with a continuous independent periodic market monitoring report that could cover the following area:
These can be agreed upfront and communicated to you on a regular agreed period. It can cover the following types of outlets
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