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About Us

Who We Are

Synpraxis Management Services Ltd was founded and owned by Marios Loucaides.

Mr Loucaides has a long and diversified experience in running operations in commercial environments in wide fields such as FMCG distribution, HORECA, Tobacco, Cosmetics, Construction, Duty Free Retail, F&B, Automotive, Electrical Appliances, Telecoms (both retail and operator) and basic manufacturing (Dairy and Socks).

He also in contact of a vast pool of expertise in various fields which he can utilise as required.

Being hands-on and an advocate of learning gave him the opportunity to get a good understanding of these fields. This required involvement in multiple functions ranging from sales and marketing to logistics and business systems. Combining these experiences with his active involvement in organizations that dealt with activities like Advertising, Efficient Consumer Response, TV rating measurements, Toastmaster’s debating club, Time-Out restaurant judge widened his spectrum of fields understanding.

Coming from a scientific background (Math, Physics and Computer Science), his career started in lecturing at a private college with the teaching and communication enthusiasm never leaving him as he kept presenting in conferences, universities, schools and obviously in his business engagement. Subsequently spending 10 years in the computing industry, starting as a programmer and continuing in Management positions gave him an understanding of the gap between technology and business and how to bridge it. The biggest token of this experience is that he still feels not out of touch -completely- with technology and not scared of starting up, with any generation, technology conversations.

His main engagement for 25 years (1994-2019) was with CTC group, 14 of which as the CEO of the group. During these years the company had a very successful track record in terms of growth and profitability achieved through perseverance and effective teamwork.

In 2019 the decision was to share the experience and knowledge mostly with young people and organizations that could benefit from it. As a personal reward, he is eager to enrich his expertise in this fantastic journey of development via sharing. In the last years in this role Marios provided consultancy services to a number of organisations from small to very big, from local to international (Malta, Lebanon, Greece, US) and in a number of projects from Family constitution to Public Relations to Organisational Restructuring and to business takeovers. He is also a member of the BOD in two local companies one of which is an Insurance Company and he was appointed in 2020 as Chairman.

The rich combination of fields and functions together with the keep updated enthusiasm are excellent tools in assisting organizations for drawing their strategy.

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